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Content Everywhere: The Challenges of a Mobile, Wireless and Social Viewership

Speaker  Marie-José Montpetit

Affiliation  MIT Media Lab

Host  Jin Li

Duration  01:13:02

Date recorded  5 November 2012

Content consumption is moving to the multi-screen and to the device ecosystem of the new wireless landscape. Deploying any content-centric solutions now requires multidisciplinary approaches for designing the networks that will support the services as well as of the capabilities of the different devices that will render the experience. In particular, as video has moved onto the Internet and to wireless networks, the traditional delivery value chain is becoming obsolete: video and TV content is nowadays available from a variety of networks and operators and rendered on a large variety of devices. With the convergence of voice, text, video and gaming, ancillary content and extra features are combined to the main streams and can be inserted anywhere in the delivery chain. This increase of the demand for new services and applications is combined with the scarcity of wireless resources and the growing energy use of networks in storing and conveying media. This presentation intends to present both novel system architectures as well as analysis results that redefine strategies to better deliver and consume content on the inter-net and inter-cloud of the near future and concentrate on delivery and social viewing. The presented work will build on recent research on network coding, Social TV and social viewing on wireless networks and include peer to peer and distributed storage, quality of experience (QoE) in multiscreen ecosystems and new approaches to content protection.

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> Content Everywhere: The Challenges of a Mobile, Wireless and Social Viewership