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Machine Learning Work Shop - Session 1 - Carlos Guestrin - "GraphLab: Large-scale Machine Learning on Natural Graphs"

Speaker  Carlos Guestrin

Affiliation  University of Washington

Host  Ofer Dekel

Duration  00:23:28

Date recorded  26 October 2012

GraphLab: Large-scale Machine Learning on Natural Graphs
Today, machine learning (ML) methods play a central role in industry and science. The growth of the Web and improvements in sensor data collection technology have been rapidly increasing the magnitude and complexity of the ML tasks we must solve. This growth is driving the need for scalable, parallel ML algorithms that can handle "Big Data." In this talk, I'll first present some recent advances in large-scale algorithms for tackling such huge problems.

Unfortunately, implementing efficient parallel ML algorithms is challenging. Existing high-level parallel abstractions such as MapReduce and Pregel are insufficiently expressive to achieve the desired performance, while low-level tools such as MPI are difficult to use, leaving ML experts repeatedly solving the same design challenges. In this talk, I will also describe the GraphLab framework, which naturally expresses asynchronous, dynamic graph computations that are key for state-of-the-art ML algorithms. When these algorithms are expressed in our higher-level abstraction, GraphLab will effectively address many of the underlying parallelism challenges, including data distribution, optimized communication, and guaranteeing sequential consistency, a property that is surprisingly important for many ML algorithms. On a variety of large-scale tasks, GraphLab provides 20-100x performance improvements over Hadoop. In recent months, GraphLab has received thousands of downloads, and is being actively used by a number of startups, companies, research labs and universities.

This talk represents joint work with Yucheng Low, Joey Gonzalez, Aapo Kyrola, Jay Gu, Danny Bickson, and Joseph Bradley.

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