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Panel: Scientific Data: the Current Landscape, Challenges, and Solutions

Speaker  Carly Strasser, Chris Mentzel, Dave Vieglais, Jeff Dozier, Stephanie Wright, and William Michener

Affiliation  California Digital Library, University of California, University of New Mexico, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, The University of Kansas, University of Washington

Host  Kristin Tolle, Microsoft Research

Duration  01:30:17

Date recorded  9 October 2012

Funders, researchers, and public stakeholders increasingly see the need to better communicate and curate ever expanding bodies of research data. This panel will bring together many of the stakeholders in the scientific data community, including researchers, librarians, and data repositories.

Before the panel commences, we will provide a brief introduction to scientific data to facilitate discussion. We will describe the current landscape of scientific data and its management, including publication, citation, archiving, and sharing of data. We will also describe existing tools for data management. The panel discussion will focus on identifying gaps and unmet needs in order to help chart a path for future policy, service, and infrastructure development.

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> Panel: Scientific Data: the Current Landscape, Challenges, and Solutions