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Educating a New Breed of Data Scientists for Scientific Data Management

Speaker  Jian Qin

Affiliation  Syracuse University

Host  Gail Steinhart, Cornell University

Duration  00:27:21

Date recorded  9 October 2012

Data scientists play active roles in the design and implementation work of four related areas: data architecture, data acquisition, data analysis, and data archiving. While any data and computing related academic unit could offer a data science program or curriculum, each of them has their own flavors: statistics would weigh heavily toward data analytics and computer science on computational algorithms. The information schools are taking a more holistic approach in educating data scientists. This presentation reports the data science curriculum development and implementation at Syracuse iSchool, which has been shaped by the quickly-changing, data-intensive environment not only for science but also for business and research at large. Research projects that we conducted on scientific data management with participation from the e-science student fellows demonstrates the need and significance of educating the new breed of data scientists who have the knowledge and skills to take on the work in the four related areas mentioned above.

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