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Panel: Open Data for Open Science—Data Interoperability

Speaker  Ilya Zaslavsky, Karen Stocks, Philip Murphy, Robert Gurney, and Yan Xu

Affiliation  Microsoft Research, University of California, San Diego, University of Reading, University of Redlands

Host  Yan Xu, Microsoft Research

Duration  02:04:16

Date recorded  8 October 2012

The goal of cross-domain interoperability is to enable reuse of data and models outside the original context in which these data and models are collected and used and to facilitate analysis and modeling of physical processes that are not confined to disciplinary or jurisdictional boundaries. A new research initiative of the U.S. National Science Foundation, called EarthCube, is developing a roadmap to address challenges of interoperability in the earth sciences and create a blueprint for community-guided cyberinfrastructure accessible to a broad range of geoscience researchers and students.

The panel discusses this and related initiatives and projects, focusing on challenges of data discovery, interpretation, access, and integration across domain information systems, assessment of their readiness for cross-domain integration, and technologies enabling interoperability in the geosciences.

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> Panel: Open Data for Open Science—Data Interoperability