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Educating Scientists About the Data Life Cycle

Speaker  William Michener

Affiliation  University of New Mexico

Host  Gail Steinhart, Cornell University

Duration  00:27:12

Date recorded  9 October 2012

The research life cycle is well known and consists of an initial idea or question that, if sound, leads to submission and funding of a proposal, implementation of a study and, ideally, to one or many publications that advance the state of knowledge. What is less well understood is how the research life cycle is related to the data life cycle.

In this presentation, approaches for educating scientists in eight phases of the data life cycle (e.g., planning, data acquisition and organization, quality assurance/quality control, data description, data preservation, data exploration and discovery, data integration, and analysis and visualization) are discussed. Specifically, the design and approaches used for developing learning modules, instructional material and resources, and an innovative three-week experiential course that enable participants to more efficiently and effectively manage their research data and compete for research funding are presented.

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