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Summer Number Theory Day; Session 4 - Derivatives of p-adic L-functions

Speaker  Benjamin Lundell

Affiliation  University of Washington

Host  Kristin Lauter

Duration  00:55:16

Date recorded  24 July 2012

We will discuss a new approach to proving the Ferrero-Greenberg formula for the derivative of a Kubota-Leoplodt p-adic L-function at s=0. The aim is to provide a proof which uses two-variable p-adic L-functions in a manner analogous to the Greenberg-Stevens proof of the Mazur-Tate-Teitelbaum conjecture for elliptic curves. In the Kubota-Leopldt setting, we use the Katz two-variable p-adic L-function attached to an imaginary quadratic field K. This is joint work with Ralph Greenberg and Shaowei Zhang.

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> Summer Number Theory Day; Session 4 - Derivatives of <i>p</i>-adic <i>L</i>-functions