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NUI Research Snapshots

Speaker  Gabe Cohn, Gerardo Gonzalez, Joseph LaViola, and Patrick Baudisch

Affiliation  Hasso Plattner Institute, University of Washington, Lancaster University, University of Central FLorida

Host  Microsoft Research Connections

Duration  01:21:55

Date recorded  16 July 2012

Stewart Tansley from Microsoft Research chairs this session at Faculty Summit 2012.

This session presents a view into Microsoft Research’s natural user interface (NUI) research portfolio by showcasing four partnerships, two in Europe and two in the United States. The presentations will highlight collaborative work on the following projects:

  • Recent work toward scaling multitouch at whole room scales
  • Research on using the human body as an antenna, exemplifying how touchless gesture interfaces could become ubiquitous
  • A specific application of touchless gesture interfaces in surgical settings
  • A pen-based prototype diagramming tool that uses constraint inference and a novel beautification algorithm to enable the drawing of precise geometric diagrams

While just a sampling of research in NUI today, this session aims to illustrate the diversity of the field and to inspire attendees by the fascinating opportunities and challenges in this field of research.

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