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Human Computation and Crowdsourcing

Speaker  Eric Horvitz, Luis von Ahn, Rajesh Patel, and Yiling Chen

Affiliation  Computer Science Dept, Harvard, Microsoft Research, Bing Core Relevance group

Host  Microsoft Research Connections

Duration  01:22:28

Date recorded  16 July 2012

Ece Kamar from Microsoft Research chairs this session at Faculty Summit 2012.

In recent years, human computation and crowdsourcing have emerged as an important research area in computer science. Crowdsourcing aims at using human intelligence for solving tasks that computers cannot easily do alone. The work in this area varies among different applications of crowdsourcing, investigations of best practices for crowdsourcing, and formal approaches for building more efficient and reliable crowdsourcing systems. There is a strong interest in crowdsourcing research among a wide audience working in different areas of computer science, which may benefit from having easy and programmatic access to human intelligence.

This session aims at bringing together leading researchers in the area of crowdsourcing to exchange information about recent developments and best practices, and to discuss opportunities for future research.

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