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Transactional Memory: Language Integration

Speaker  Tim Harris

Affiliation  MSRC

Host  Chris Gould-Sandhu

Duration  00:36:30

Date recorded  30 May 2012

Writing concurrent programs is notoriously difficult, and is of increasing practical importance. In this series of lectures I will introduce “transactional memory” (TM) as a technique for building shared memory data structures. As I will illustrate, it can be much easier to build shared memory data structures using TM than it is to use conventional abstractions such as locks, or the atomic compare-and-swap instruction.

In this lecture I will talk about how TM can be integrated into programming languages such as C# or Java, and how an optimizing compiler can drastically improve the performance of a program using TM, and how runtime system components such as the garbage collector can be modified to accommodate programs using TM.

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