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Session 1B: Life Sciences (Cloud Futures Workshop 2012)

Speaker  Ehsan Tabari, Radu Tudoran, and Simon Woodman

Affiliation  INRIA Rennes, UNC Charlotte, Newcastle University

Duration  01:18:57

Date recorded  7 May 2012

This session at Cloud Futures 2012 includes the following presentations:

  • A-Brain: Using the Cloud to Understand the Impact of Genetic Variability on the Brain-Radu Tudoran, INRIA Rennes and Saclay
  • Very Large Scale Operon Predictions via Comparative Genomics-Ehsan Tabari, UNC Charlotte
  • Fast Exploration of the QSAR Model Space with e-Science Central and Windows Azure-Simon Woodman, Newcastle University
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> Session 1B: Life Sciences (Cloud Futures Workshop 2012)