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e-Heritage Projects in Italy, Cambodia, and Japan: Lesson learned:

Speaker  Katsushi Ikeuchi

Affiliation  The University of Tokyo

Duration  00:36:29

Date recorded  20 January 2012

Talk by Prof. Katsushi Ikeuchi, University of Tokyo at TechVista 2012, Kolkata, India.

We have been conducting e-Heritage project, which converts assets that form our cultural heritage into digital forms so that we can utilize such forms 1) for preservation in digital form of our irreplaceable treasures for future generations, 2) for planning and physical restoration using the digital forms as basic models from which we can manipulate data, 3) for cyber archaeology, investigation of digitized data through computer analysis, and 4) for education and promotion through multimedia contents based on the digital data. This talk briefly overviews our e-Heritage projects in Italy, Cambodia, and Japan, and explains what were hardware and software issues, how to overcome them by designing new sensors and software, and what are future directions. Also, we explain how to use such data for analysis, and display. In particular, we emphasize a new way to display such digital data by using the mixed reality systems, i.e. head-mount displays on site.

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