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eScience: Past, Present, and Future

Speaker  Tony Hey

Affiliation  Microsoft Research

Duration  01:12:48

Date recorded  7 December 2011

This session at IEEE e-Science Workshop 2011 reviews the origins of the eScience initiative and discusses challenges related to data-intensive science and "big data," as well as challenges researchers face in the mining, analysis, sharing, and reusing of very disparate types of data. We also look at how increasing deployments of sensor networks and the use of satellite imagery are transforming many areas of environmental science. In all these cases, advanced IT is needed to help scientists manage, visualize, and analyze their data. After a brief survey of the state of eScience today, with some examples of what Jim Gray called the "Fourth Paradigm" for scientific research, we look to a future when semantic computing technologies and cloud services are certain to play an increasingly important role.

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> eScience: Past, Present, and Future