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Group Reporting and Summary: Transforming Scholarly Communication

Speaker  Alex Wade, Alyssa Goodman, Amy Brand, Cameron Neylon, Carl Lagoze, Chris Lintott, Curtis Wong, David De Roure, Lee Dirks, Mary Lee Kennedy, Mercé Crosas, Phil Bourne, and Tony Hey

Affiliation  Microsoft, Microsoft Research, University of Oxford & Galaxy Zoo, University of Southampton, Science Commons Event

Duration  01:51:26

Date recorded  25 October 2011

In this sesssion of the October 2011 eScience Workshop: Transforming Scholarly Communication, representatives from each group contribute to a shared summary, including highlights and challenges covered in the meeting, and conclude with a call to action for the group, based on their findings

Moderators: Tony Hey, corporate vice president, Microsoft Research Connections and Lee Dirks, director, Microsoft Research Connections, with Marguey Avery, Editor, MIT Press

©2011 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
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> Group Reporting and Summary: Transforming Scholarly Communication