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SOLOMON: Seeking the Truth Via Copying Detection

Speaker  Xin Luna Dong

Affiliation  AT&T Research

Host  Phil Bernstein

Duration  01:11:24

Date recorded  25 August 2011

We live in the Information Era, with access to a huge amount of information from a variety of data sources. However, data sources are of different qualities, often providing conflicting, out-of-date and incomplete data. Data sources can also easily copy, reformat and modify data from other sources, propagating erroneous data. These issues make the identification of high quality information and sources non-trivial. In this talk we present the SOLOMON system, whose core is a module that detects copying between sources. We show how we can effectively detect copying relationship between data sources, leverage the results in various aspects of data integration, and provide a user-friendly interface to facilitate users in identifying sources that best suit their information needs.

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> SOLOMON: Seeking the Truth Via Copying Detection