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Natural User Interface: The Road Ahead (Panel)

Speaker  Kristin Tolle, Mary Czerwinski, Mark Bolas, Justine Cassell, and Daniel Wigdor

Affiliation  Microsoft, Microsoft Research, University of Southern California, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Toronto

Host  Kristin Tolle

Duration  01:12:22

Date recorded  19 July 2011

Kristin Tolle chairs this panel at Faculty Summit 2011. This year’s panel convenes to discuss the state of the art in natural user interface (NUI), key trends in NUI, and where Microsoft Research, our academic partners, and the research community might be headed in NUI research. Speakers include Mark Bolas, University of Southern California; Justine Cassell, Carnegie Mellon University; Mary Czerwinski, Microsoft Research; and Daniel Wigdor, University of Toronto.

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