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TUTORIAL: Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer

Speaker  James Scott and Nic Villar

Affiliation  MSRC, MSR

Host  Judith Bishop

Duration  02:00:20

Date recorded  13 April 2011

Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer is a new prototyping platform that makes it easier to construct, program and shape new kinds of computing objects. It is comprised of modular hardware, software libraries and 3D CAD support. Together, these elements support the key activities involved both in the rapid prototyping and the small-scale production of custom embedded, interactive and connected devices. This will be a tutorial and live demo where we will show (through live coding and hardware building) how to use Gadgeteer to illustrate concepts in programming via real hardware, embedded software design, networking sensors, etc. The aim will be to give those present a taster of how Gadgeteer can be used in classrooms to inspire and educate computer scientists.

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