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Applications 2: Cloud Futures Workshop 2011

Speaker  Chen Wang, Daisuke Kawahara, and Yasuhide Okamoto

Affiliation  University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, CSIRO ICT Centre

Host  Kent Foster

Duration  01:34:29

Date recorded  3 June 2011

Dennis Gannon chairs this session of Cloud Futures 2011, which includes the following presentations.

  • Network Display and Sharing System for Large Cultural Heritage Objects via Cloud Computing Environments—Yasuhide Okamoto, University of Tokyo
  • Deep Natural Language Processing for Improving a Search Engine Infrastructure using Windows Azure—Daisuke Kawahara, Kyoto University
  • A Secure Multi-party Collaboration System for Australian Coal Supply Chains—Shiping Chen and Chen Wang, CSIRO ICT Centre
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> Applications 2: Cloud Futures Workshop 2011