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TUTORIAL: Software Engineering for Mobile Computing

Speaker  Mike Zyskowski, Brian Zill, and Anrno Puder

Affiliation  San Francisco State University

Host  Judith Bishop

Duration  02:01:29

Date recorded  15 April 2011

Mobile devices, of all shapes and forms, are the fastest-growing computing segment. While mobile devices are ubiquitous, they offer limited computation, storage, and power. Cloud computing promises to fill this gap by providing computation and storage to mobile devices connected to the network. Developing software applications utilizing mobile platforms and cloud based services requires innovations in software engineering and availability of specialized tools. In this tutorial, presenters will highlight challenges of developing applications for the mobile platform. Specifically, a tutorial for running project Hawaii will be shared with the academic and research community, with a focus on the associated tools developed. A tutorial for a tool kit for cross compilation of Java based mobile apps to C# will also be presented.

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