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Programming in the Era of Cloud, Data and Devices

Speaker  Manuel Serrano

Affiliation  Inria Sophia-Antipolis

Host  Judith Bishop

Duration  00:30:34

Date recorded  14 April 2011

Advances in programming languages are placing powerful, programmatic problem-solving tools in the hands of analytical programmers, But programming today exhibits a voracious appetite for information, and, even though our languages are wonderfully interoperable, they are in many ways information sparse. There is always with an impedance mismatch between the inner world of the language and the outer world of known services and data sources. Fluency here can achieve wonders in simplifying the modern programming problem. At the same time, data in the web is transitioning from adhoc to professional services, with a range of access options from free to service-guaranteeed. This track will look at themes in data and services on the web, and the languages and techniques we can use to consume it.

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> Programming in the Era of Cloud, Data and Devices