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Verified Software Experiments

Speaker  Jim Woodcock, Rod Chapman, and Rajeev Joshi

Affiliation  University of York, Praxis High Integrity Systems Limited, NASA

Host  Judith Bishop

Duration  01:27:18

Date recorded  14 April 2011

The Verified Software Initiative (VSI) aims at software industry embracing verification and verification technology throughout the software life-cycle. Industry requires mature tools, experienced engineers, and calculable risk assessments. Experiments are key drivers of the VSI, because they play a vital role to supply industry with data about the maturity of a proposed method. Scientific applications always precede industrial adoption, and experiments are typically conducted by scientists. A goal of the VSI is to provide a repository of objective and realistic case studies that will enable industry to take informed decisions on the viability of verification technology. The session “Verified Software Experiments” focuses on the transition from laboratory experiments to broader adoption by industry. This session shall give insights in results of such experiments.

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