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Reconfigurable Computing Comes of Age

Speaker  Alessandro Forin, Koen Bertels, and Wayne Luk

Affiliation  TU Delft, Imperial College London

Host  Judith Bishop

Duration  01:32:12

Date recorded  15 April 2011

For many years researchers have tried to use reconfigurable computing technology (namely FPGAs) to help solve many computationally demands problems in domains like scientific computing, finance, security and military applications. Significant problems had to be overcome ranging from non-ideal vendor architectures with limited support for dynamic reconfigurations to a lack of programming language abstractions and tools needed to make this technology accessible to mainstream programmers. This sessions draws together speakers that will report the current state of the art in reconfigurable computing and show how computationally challenging problems involving databases, financial computing and network intrusion can now be effectively solved by the special processing capabilities of FPGAs and we also predict the future impact of this technology on mainstream software industry and identify some of the new research challenges in this field.

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