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Designing for Remixing: Computer-supported Social Creativity

Speaker  Andrés Monroy-Hernández

Affiliation  MIT Media Lab

Host  Lili Cheng

Duration  00:57:13

Date recorded  6 May 2011

In this talk I present a framework for the design and study of an online community of amateur creators. I focus on remixing as a lens to understand the social, cultural, and technical infrastructure of a social media environment that supports creative expression. I am motivated by three broad questions: 1) what is the functional role of remixing in cultural production and social learning? 2) what are the structural properties of an online remixing community? 3) what are amateur creators' attitudes towards remixing? This research builds on my work on the Scratch Online Community, a website I conceived, developed and studied. The Scratch website allows young people to share and remix their own video games and animations, as well as those of their peers. In three years, the community has grown to more than

700,000 registered members from around the world and 1.6 million user-contributed projects.

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