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Towards Coding for Maximum Errors in Interactive Communication

Speaker  Anup Rao

Affiliation  University of Washington

Host  Yael Kalai

Duration  01:02:37

Date recorded  13 April 2011

We show that it is possible to encode any communication protocol between two parties so that the protocol succeeds even if a (1/4 - epsilon) fraction of all symbols transmitted by the parties are corrupted adversarially, at a cost of increasing the communication in the protocol by a constant factor (the constant depends on epsilon).This encoding uses a constant sized alphabet. This improves on an earlier result of Schulman, who showed how to recover when the fraction of errors is bounded by 1/240. We also show how to simulate an arbitrary protocol with a protocol using the binary alphabet, a constant factor increase in communication and tolerating a 1/8 - epsilon fraction of errors. Joint work with Mark Braverman.

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