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Law and the GeoWeb

Speaker  Puneet Kishor, Steve Coast, Tim Vollmer, Ed Parsons, Paul Uhlir, Greg Babinski, Cy Smith, and Tim Trainor

Affiliation  UW-Madison, OpenStreetMap, Creative Commons, Google, National Research Council, King County, NSGIC, US Census Bureau

Host  Dan Fay

Duration  03:38:36

Date recorded  11 April 2011

The format of the workshop is designed to inform, provoke and encourage discussion. We will start with getting the non-governmental and policy perspective, and work our way via the corporate perspective to the concerns and viewpoints of state and federal governments.

Puneet Kishor intro
Steve Coast, OpenStreetMap
Tim Vollmer, Creative Commons
Ed Parsons, Google
Paul Uhlir, National Research Council
Greg Babinski, King County, WA
Cy Smith, NSGIC
Tim Trainor, US Census Bureau

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> Law and the GeoWeb