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Student Achievement System

Speaker  Elizabeth Lawley and Andrew Phelps

Affiliation  Rochester Institute of Technology

Host  Donald Brinkman

Duration  01:16:20

Date recorded  25 February 2011

Join us for a session in which Elizabeth Lawley and Andrew Phelps from the RIT School of Interactive Games & Media discuss their plans for the design, implementation, deployment, and evaluation of a "student achievement system." Achievement systems and their associated interconnections with social networks, games, and interaction design, have had broad adoption in commercial applications. In addition to in-game feedback structures, these mechanisms have also been tied to meta- or multi-game services such as XBOX-Live--and are increasingly being used in what Ian Bogost has called "deliberate worldly interventions."

We believe that the growing availability and use of social and activity-aware systems provides an opportunity for us to better contextualize large-scale systems that surround the collegiate experience through the creation of smaller-scale 'quests'--and that this offers an opportunity to significantly change our students educational experience outside the classroom.

Game design offers us lessons in the success of such systems in a certain context, but also comes replete with dramatic failures, relevant warnings, and a few emerging best practices. Can achievement systems be utilized in an educational setting? Could these tools be utilized towards goals of curricular customization and student engagement? This talk will focus on the preparations, planning, and thoughts of the IGM research as they prepare to undertake the design and development of such a system - what can we hope to learn?

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