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Reception and Dinner - Jim Gray eScience Award Presentation

Speaker  Tony Hey and Adam Bly

Affiliation  Seed

Duration  01:13:11

Date recorded  11 October 2010

Jim Gray eScience Award Presentation
This year, Microsoft Research presents the Jim Gray eScience Award to a researcher who has made an outstanding contribution to the field of data-intensive computing. The award—named for Jim Gray, a Technical Fellow for Microsoft Research and a Turing Award winner who disappeared at sea in 2007—recognizes innovators whose work truly makes science easier for scientists.

Making Open Science Real
Adam Bly, Seed
The future of science is open, not because it ought to be but because it needs to be. Today, science's potential is hindered by the disconnected nature of the world's scientific information and the closed architecture of science itself. So how do we get from here to there? How can technology make open science real?

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> Reception and Dinner - Jim Gray eScience Award Presentation