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MIT iCampus: Disseminating Innovations, Sharing Technology, Building Community

Speaker  Paul Oka and Phillip Long

Affiliation  Microsoft Research; Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Duration  00:49:47

Date recorded  18 July 2005

This session of the 2005 Microsoft Research Faculty Summit discusses the MIT iCampus program, its projects, and ways to participate. MIT iCampus—based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), supported by Microsoft Corporation, and conducted in collaboration with Microsoft Research—is a program that supports faculty and student initiatives in educational technology. The iCampus program sponsors innovation; helps incubate innovative technologies through classroom use; and promotes the adoption, evaluation, and continued evolution of these technologies within MIT and through worldwide multi-institution collaboration. The central theme behind all MIT iCampus projects is the support and encouragement of “active learning” in a constructivist approach to education.

Over the past six years, iCampus has provided creative approaches to fostering active learning and using technology in a variety of disciplines. An initial set of these research projects has been selected and freely distributed through iCampus. Successful dissemination of technology in education requires more than just making it easily available. The MIT iCampus Affiliates Program seeks to share tools, build community, and evaluate the impact of this work.

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> MIT iCampus: Disseminating Innovations, Sharing Technology, Building Community