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Internet Capacity Sharing: Fairer, Simpler, Faster?

Speaker  Bob Briscoe

Affiliation  BT Innovate & Design

Host  Jitu Padhye

Duration  01:27:36

Date recorded  29 March 2010

The idea that TCP shares out Internet capacity fairly is a dangerous myth. The same applies to fair queuing. The danger? While we continue to pretend that wildy unfair solutions are fair enough, Internet service providers increasingly override them with kludges like deep packet inspection. Then the Internet gradually snarls up with bizarre feature interactions. This talk offers a path out of this cul de sac, solving multiple problems at once, including:

  • Fair capacity sharing that is robust against self-interest and malice;
  • Shifting to a performance regime that will continue to scale
  • Taking account of the interests of each stakeholder (?)
  • Simplicity

Strategic changes to host network stacks are central to the story. The talk will end with time to discuss: "Would Microsoft set aside development effort to revisit these fundamentals?"

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> Internet Capacity Sharing: Fairer, Simpler, Faster?