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Grid Computing Using .NET

Speaker  Marty Humphrey

Affiliation  University of Virginia

Host  Dan Fay

Duration  01:16:25

Date recorded  6 October 2005

The broad goal of our WSRF.NET project at the University of Virginia is to facilitate Grid computing on the .NET platform. In this talk, we give an update on our progress in exploiting and extending the .NET/Windows platform for Grid Computing – including our recent support for GridFTP on .NET, an OGSA-based Authorization Service based on Windows, and our alternative software stack for OGSA-based grids (based on WS-Transfer, WS-Eventing, etc.). The talk culminates with a live *demo* of how we have integrated this support for Grids on .NET/Windows with the Globus toolkit to form the basis for the UVa Campus Grid (UVaCG).

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