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Web Services for HPC — Making Seamless Computing a Reality

Speaker  David Lifka

Affiliation  Cornell Theory Center

Host  Dan Fay

Duration  00:29:06

Date recorded  6 October 2005

Seamless HPC has been a goal of Computer and Computational Scientists for over a decade. Allowing researchers to focus on their research and not the quirks of complex HPC environments has been a dream waiting for a solution. Today the solution exists but many still don’t know how to apply the tools (Web Services and SQL databases) to the problems. This talk will discuss several applications of Web Services and SQL databases to real world HPC applications including solutions for embarrassingly parallel tasks, wide area distributed computing applications, and eScience/Data Intensive Computing. Real examples of applied solutions for each of these HPC problems will be presented. Examples of programming techniques to support the use of web services installed on hundreds of distributed computing and data resources will be also be presented.

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