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SETI@home and Public Participation Distributed Computing

Speaker  Dan Werthimer

Affiliation  University of California at Berkeley

Host  Dan Fay

Duration  00:22:40

Date recorded  6 October 2005

Werthimer will discuss the possibility of life in the universe and the search for radio signals from other civilizations. SETI@home analyzes data from the world’s largest radio telescope using desktop computers from five million volunteers in 226 countries. SETI@home participants have contributed two million years of computer time and have formed Earth’s most powerful supercomputer. Users have the small but captivating possibility their computer will detect the first signal from a civilization beyond Earth. Werthimer will also discuss plans for future SETI experiments, petaop signal processing, and open source code for public participation distributed computing (BOINC — Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing).

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> SETI@home and Public Participation Distributed Computing