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Sensor Networks Workshop 05 - Short Talks (See Abstract)

Speaker  Mike Franklin, Jianfeng Chen, Jochen H. Schiller, and Prabal Dutta

Host  Angela Kernan

Duration  00:57:38

Date recorded  10 October 2005

The Virtues of Vice: Metaphysical Data Independence for Sensors Presented by: Mike Franklin, UC Berkeley

Bathroom Activity Monitoring Based on Sound Presented by: Jianfeng Chen et al., Institute for Infocomm Research

ScatterWeb - Integration into Industrial Applications and Development Tools Presented by: Jochen H. Schiller, Computer Systems & Telematics, Freie Universitat Berlin

NESTFE: Large-Scale, Long-Lived, Outdoor Testbeds Supporting Systems Research Presented by: Prabal Dutta, U.C. Berkeley Computer Science Division

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> Sensor Networks Workshop 05 - Short Talks (See Abstract)