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Process Extraction in an Abstract Logic of Events

Speaker  Bob Constable

Affiliation  Cornell University, Professor & Dean of CIS

Host  Todd Needham

Duration  01:03:48

Date recorded  13 April 2006

In 2003 Mark Bickford and I defined and formalized a logic of events for specifying distributed computing tasks and for reasoning about distributed systems. The Logic of Events is a very abstract account of distributed computing that applies to biological processes as well as to processes in an asynchronous message passing network computing model.

Although the logic is very abstract, we can show that it is "not too abstract" in the sense that from constructive proofs that tasks are achievable, we can extract abstract distributed systems. Mark and his colleague David Guaspari have translated this abstract code, called Message Automata, into Java and we would like to translate to C# as well.

The logic naturally formalizes the intuitive language of events and message sequence diagrams that designers of distributed systems use. It supports a specification language for distributed tasks that complements Spec#.

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> Process Extraction in an Abstract Logic of Events