EnviroSuite: An Environmentally-Immersive Programming Framework for Sensor Networks

Speaker  Liqian Luo

Affiliation  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Host  Suman Nath

Duration  01:05:16

Date recorded  12 March 2007

This talk describes EnviroSuite: a sensor-network programming framework that introduces a new paradigm, called environmentally-immersive programming (EIP), to significantly simplify the development of environmental monitoring and tracking applications. Traditional distributed computing paradigms are geared towards abstracting distributed communication. In contrast, in sensor networks, it is desired to abstract distributed interaction with the physical world. EnviroSuite creates a logical address space in which individual addressable entities can be either logical objects, developed by the application programmer or (representations of) physical elements in the external environment. The two types are seamlessly integrated, can communicate, and are able to invoke each other's methods. They allow the programmers to think directly in terms of physical objects and environmental events of interests rather than individual behaviors of network nodes. Several sample applications built upon EnviroSuite are evaluated. Experimental results demonstrate the efficiency and flexibility of the framework. EnviroSuite was included in graduate seminars at Berkeley, Stanford, UIUC, the University of Virginia, Washington University, Freie Universitat Berli, and Politecnico di Milano, among others.

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> EnviroSuite: An Environmentally-Immersive Programming Framework for Sensor Networks