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Delegatable Anonymous Credentials

Speaker  Melissa Chase

Affiliation  Brown University

Host  Kristin Lauter

Duration  00:48:03

Date recorded  8 February 2008

Anonymous credential systems allow users to anonymously obtain credentials from organizations, and to anonymously and unlinkably prove possesion of valid credentials. Often in practice, however, a user authenticates using some credential chain: a root organization gives a credential to an intermediate party who can in turn use this to issue credentials to user. We address this problem by presenting the first efficient delegatable anonymous credential scheme. In such a scheme, a party can receive credentials from an organization, and then anonymously and unlinkably issue delegated credentials to other users, who can in turn delegate these credentials to another level. Then a user can prove possession of a valid chain of credentials of a given length without revealing any other identifying information. This talk will describe our result and outline some of the main techniques used to achieve it.

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