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Toward an Open Analytics Environment

Speaker  Ian Foster

Affiliation  Argonne National Laboratory & University of Chicago, Computation Institute

Host  Daron Green

Duration  01:01:37

Date recorded  5 June 2008

(Joint work with Svetlozar Nestorov, Steve Tuecke, and others)

Research and development are becoming increasingly data driven and collaborative. However, taking a systems-level view of the knowledge production process, we find that progress is often hindered by logistical difficulties relating to data access, analysis, discovery, interpretation, and sharing. I argue that many of these difficulties can be overcome by creating an open analytics environment, a hardware +software "cloud" into which teams can load data, programs, and the
like, with analysis driven by both stored procedures and explicit user requests. I review requirements that such an environment should satisfy, and discuss work being performed in the Computation Institute and elsewhere towards this goal.

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