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Throw out your textbooks: Games are the future of learning.

Speaker  Ken Perlin and Jan Plass

Affiliation  New York University

Host  John Nordlinger

Duration  01:25:12

Date recorded  8 January 2009

The new NYU Games for Learning Institute (G4LI), a collaboration between seven universities and Microsoft Research, is dedicated to advancing the design, use, and evaluation of computer games in educational settings, by providing scientific analysis of "what works" in games for learning - what makes certain games compelling and playable, as well as educationally effective. The results provide critical information to researchers, game developers, and educators. The research strategy has three prongs: understand effective design principles; study the impact of digital media on learning; integrate these results into learning settings. Initial focus is on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education for middle school (ages 11-13). This talk will highlight the Institute's goals and intellectual challenges, and will conclude with a glimpse into the future.

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> Throw out your textbooks: Games are the future of learning.