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Developing Game-Themed Applications With XNA Game Studio: Session 1

Speaker  Kelvin Sung

Affiliation  University of Washington

Host  John Nordlinger

Duration  01:45:19

Date recorded  11 April 2009

The recent development and success of computer gaming classes and gaming-themed curricula are exciting and have demonstrated interesting potentials. However, for faculty members with no computer gaming or graphics background the outlook of adopting or developing games-related courseware materials may seem daunting. This workshop is designed specifically for these faculty members. We will present XGCS1 library, a simple programming abstraction over the recently released Microsoft XNA framework and guide participants in developing a simple Blockbreaker game. We will also cover sample game-themed courseware materials (examples, exercises, and assignments) that are suitable for teaching introductory programming courses (CS1). All participants will have access to all source code, step-by-step development guides, and all the game-themed courseware materials. After the workshop, based on the provided materials, the participants can begin formulating their own game-themed examples and assignments for teaching fundamental concepts in introductory programming courses. The coverage of XNA and XNA framework will be at a very high level and will be extremely brief.

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