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Overview of Tree-to-String Translation Models

Speaker  Yang Liu

Affiliation  Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Host  Jianfeng Gao

Duration  00:49:17

Date recorded  13 July 2009

Recent research on statistical machine translation has lead to the rapid development of syntax-based translation models, which exploit syntactic information to direct translation. In this talk, I will give an overview of tree-to-string translation models, one of the state-of-the-art syntax-based models. In a tree-to-string model, the source side is a phrase structure parse tree and the target side is a string. This talk includes the following topics: (1) tree-based tree-to-string model, (2) tree-sequence based tree-to-string model, (3) forest-based tree-to-string model, and (4) context-aware tree-to-string model. Experimental results show that the forest-based tree-to-string system outperforms Hiero significantly on Chinese-to-English translation.

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