Eliminating Cycles in the Torus

Speaker  Noga Alon

Affiliation  Tel Aviv University

Host  Eyal Lubetzky

Duration  01:01:45

Date recorded  1 October 2009

I will discuss the problem of cutting the (discrete or continuous) d-dimensional torus economically, so that no nontrivial cycle remains. This improves, simplifies and/or unifies results of Bollobas, Kindler, Leader and O'Donnell, of Raz and of Kindler, O'Donnell, Rao and Wigderson. More formal, detailed abstract(s) appear in http://www.math.tau.ac.il/~nogaa/PDFS/torus3.pdf and in http://www.math.tau.ac.il/~nogaa/PDFS/torusone1.pdf.

Joint work with Bo'az Klartag.

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> Eliminating Cycles in the Torus