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The Microsoft Research JavaScript Cryptography Library has been developed for use with cloud services in an HTML5 compliant and forward-looking manner. The algorithms ...
JavaScript is widely used in web-based applications and is increasing popular with developers. So-called ”browser wars” in recent years have focused on ...
The Ajax View JavaScript Instrumentation Proxy is an HTTP proxy that dynamically instruments JavaScript applications to monitor their performance and behavior within ...
Gradual Typing Embedded Securely in JavaScript N. Swamy C. Fournet A. Rastogi K. Bhargavan J. Chen P.-Y Strub G. Bierman MSR INRIA IMDEA Abstract
The advent of Web 2.0 has lead to the proliferation of client-side code that is typically written in JavaScript. This code is often combined or mashed-up with other ...
JavaScript has long outpaced its original target applications, being used not only for coding complex web clients, but also web servers ...
ZOZZLE: Fast and Precise In-Browser JavaScript Malware Detection Charlie Curtsinger Univ. of Mass., Amherst Benjamin Livshits and Benjamin Zorn Microsoft Research
Ajax View enables developer to see and control the ... This proxy captures the web application's JavaScript code as it is being sent to a browser and rewrites ...
A library for programming Kinect for Windows inside Internet Explorer. This allows developers to write Web applications with Javascript that interface with the Kinect ...
JSZap: Compressing JavaScript Code Martin Burtscher University of Texas at Austin Benjamin Livshits and Benjamin G. Zorn
Unexpectedly, JavaScript has become one of the world's most popular programming language while still remaining one of the world's most misunderstood.
Practical Static Analysis of JavaScript Applications in the Presence of Frameworks and Libraries. Magnus Madsen, Benjamin Livshits, and Michael Fanning 8 November 2012.
Practical Static Analysis of JavaScript Applications in the Presence of Frameworks and Libraries Magnus Madsen Aarhus University, Denmark Benjamin Livshits
JavaScript language and obfuscation techniques used in that context. The relevance of this topic comes from the fact that JavaScript code is everywhere.
GULFSTREAM: Staged Static Analysis for Streaming JavaScript Applications Salvatore Guarnieri University of Washington Benjamin Livshits Microsoft Research
JSMeter: Comparing the Behavior of JavaScript Benchmarks with Real Web Applications Paruj Ratanaworabhan Kasetsart University Benjamin Livshits and ...
By Emre Kıcıman and Benjamin Livshits. Do you know what your users are experiencing when they visit your AJAX application? Is your JavaScript code running fast ...
Fully Abstract Compilation to JavaScript C´edric Fournet Nikhil Swamy Juan Chen Pierre-Evariste Dagand Pierre-Yves Strub 1 Benjamin Livshits Microsoft Research and ...
JavaScript cryptographic algorithm implementations suitable for use in all cloud services in a HTML5 compliant and forward-looking manner
Mugshot is a system that captures every event in an executing JavaScript program, allowing developers to deterministically replay past executions of web applications.
This page contains auxiliary material associated with our work on compiling F* to JavaScript, described in this POPL 2013 paper. Fully-Abstract Compilation to JavaScript
JavaScript Pointer Analysis Gulfstream • JavaScript programs on the web are streaming • Fully static analysis pointer analysis is not possible,
The U-Prove JavaScript SDK implements the client-side of the U-Prove Cryptographic Specification [1], and is a companion to the U-Prove C# SDK [2]. It can be used to ...
The Security and Cryptography Incubations group does applied research in systems security and cryptography.
JavaScript is widely used in web-based applications, and gigabytes of JavaScript codeare transmitted over the Internet every day. The JSZap project reduces the size ...
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