Queen – Estimating Packet Loss Rate between Arbitrary Internet Hosts

Y. Angela Wang, Cheng Huang, Jin Li, and Keith W. Ross


Estimate of packet-loss rates between arbitrary Internet hosts

is critical for many large-scale distributed applications, including overlay

routing, P2P media streaming, VoIP, and edge-server location in CDNs.

iPlane has been recently proposed to estimate delay, packet-loss rates,

and bandwidth between arbitrary hosts [1]. To our knowledge, iPlane is

the only published technique for estimating loss rates between arbitrary

Internet hosts. In this paper, we present Queen, a new methodology for

estimating packet-loss rates between arbitrary hosts. Queen, extending

the King [2] methodology for estimating delay, takes advantage of the

open recursive DNS name servers. Queen requires neither additional in-

frastructure deployment nor control of the DNS recursive servers. After

describing the methodology, we present an extensive measurement valida-

tion of Queen's accuracy. Our validation shows that Queen's accuracy is

reasonably high and, in particular, signi¯cantly better than that of iPlane

for packet-loss rate estimation.


Publication typeInproceedings
Published inThe tenth Passive and Active Measurement conference
PublisherSpringer Verlag
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