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RMIT University at TREC 2004

B. Billerbeck, A. Cannane, A. Chatteraj, N. Lester, W. Webber, H. E. Williams, J. Yiannis, and J. Zobel


RMIT University participated in two tracks at TREC 2004: Terabyte and Genomics, both for the first time. This paper describes the techniques we applied and our experiments in both tracks, and discusses the results of the genomics track runs; the terabyte track results are unavailable at the time of manuscript submission. We also describe our new zettair search engine, in use for the first time at TREC.


Publication typeInproceedings
Published inProceedings Text Retrieval Conference (TREC)
AddressGaithersburg, MD
PublisherNational Institute of Standards and Technology Special Publication 500-261
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