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Enabling natural computing

Xuedong Huang


We are entering the third generation of computer human interface. In conmt to tbe first and second generations where human users must leam the arcane command languages or graphical icons to operate computers in the ways the computers are designed, the third generation interface will allow the users to express their intents naturally by shifting the burden of understanding what it takes to interact from the human to the computer. Natural computing will be mainstream in the near future that could dramatically improve the quality of our daily lives. Spoken language technologies play a central role for natural computing. Spoken language is the modality that can offer a consistent means of interaction for a variety of computer form factors across a wide range of hands free, eyes free environments. Technology advancements in this area have made impressive progresses that the prevalence of spoken language interface is no longer a question of "whether" but "when". In this talk, I11 summarize the recent prognxs of the industry and academia in brining natural computing to the mass market.


Publication typeInproceedings
Published in2004 International Symposium on Chinese Spoken Language Processing
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