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Language modeling for soft keyboards

Joshua Goodman, Gina Venolia, Keith Steury, and Chauncey Parker


Language models predict the probability of letter sequences. Soft keyboards are images of keyboards on a touch screen for input on Personal Digital Assistants. When a soft keyboard user hits a key near the boundary of a key position, the language model and key press model are combined to select the most probable key sequence. This leads to an overall error rate reduction by a factor of 1.67 to 1.87.


Publication typeInproceedings
Published inEighteenth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence
AddressMenlo Park, CA, USA
PublisherAmerican Association for Artificial Intelligence

Newer versions

Asela Gunawardana, Tim Paek, and Christopher Meek. Usability Guided Key-Target Resizing for Soft Keyboards, Association for Computing Machinery, Inc., February 2010.

Previous versions

Gina D. Venolia, Joshua Goodman, Keith Steury, and Chauncey Parker. Language Modeling for Soft Keyboards, November 2001.

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