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The RASE (Rapid, Accurate Simulation Environment) for Chip Multiprocessors

John D. Davis, Cong Fu, and James Laudon


We present RASE, a full system high performance simulation methodology for simulating complex server applications and server class chip multiprocessors enabled with fine-grain multithreading (CMTs). RASE combines application knowledge, operating system information, and data access patterns with an instruction stream from a highly-tuned, scalable steady-state benchmark [5][22] to generate multiple representative instruction streams that can be mapped to a variety of CMT configurations. We use execution-driven simulation to generate instruction streams for M processors and store them as instruction trace files (several billion instructions per processor) that can be post-processed and augmented for larger than M processor system simulation. We use SPEC JBB2000, TPC-C, and an XML server benchmark to compare the performance estimates of RASE to a reference prototype CMT system. By varying M, we find that our trace-driven simulation methodology predicts within 5% of the instructions per cycle (IPC) of the reference hardware for the applications. Without post-processing the traces, in the best cases, the performance prediction accuracy degrades to 20-40% of the real IPC for instruction traces that require a high replication factor.


Publication typeArticle
Published inACM SIGARCH Computer Architecture News
PublisherAssociation for Computing Machinery, Inc.
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