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Hierarchical and Variational Geometric Modeling with Wavelets

Michael F. Cohen and Steven J. Gortler


This paper discusses how wavelet techniques may be applied to a variety of geometric modeling tools. In particular, wavelet decompositions are shown to be useful for hierarchical control point or least squares editing. In addition, direct curve and surface manipulation methods using an underlying geometric variational principle can be solved more efficiently by using a wavelet basis. Because the wavelet basis is hierarchical, iterative solution methods converge rapidly. Also, since the wavelet coefficients indicate the degree of detail in the solution, the number of basis functions needed to express the variational minimum can be reduced, avoiding unnecessary computation. An implementation of a curve and surface modeler based on these ideas is discussed and experimental results are reports.


Publication typeTechReport
InstitutionMicrosoft Research
PublisherAssociation for Computing Machinery, Inc.
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