Multicast Of Real-time Multi-view Video

As a recently emerging service, multi-view video provides a new viewing experience with high degree of freedom. However, due to the huge data amounts transferred, multi-view video’s delivery remains a daunting challenge. In this paper, we propose a multi-view video-streaming system based on IP multicast. It can support a large number of users while still keeping a high degree of interactivity and low bandwidth consumption. Based on a careful user study, we have developed two schemes: one is for automatic delivery and the other for on-demand delivery. In automatic delivery, a server periodically multicasts special effect snapshots at a certain time interval. In on-demand delivery, the server delivers the snapshots based on distribution of users’ requests. We conducted extensive experiments and user-experience studies to evaluate the proposed system’s performance, and found that the system could provide satisfying multiview video service for users on a large scale.

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