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BitVault: a Highly Reliable Distributed Data Retention Platform

Zheng Zhang, Qiao Lian, Shiding Lin, Wei Chen, Yu Chen, and Chao Jin


In this paper, we report the design and implementation of the storage layer of BitVault: a content-addressable retention platform for large volume of reference data – seldom-changing information that needs to be retained for a long period of time. BitVault uses “smart brick” as the building block to lower the hardware cost. However, the challenges are to maintain low management cost in a system that needs to scale all the way from one brick to tens of thousands of bricks, to ensure reliability and to deliver with a simple enough design. Our design incorporates P2P technologies for its self-managing and self-healing capabilities and uses massively parallel repair to reduce vulnerability window of data loss. The simplicity of the architecture relies on an eventu-ally reliable membership service provided by a perfect one-hop DHT (distributed hash table), and its object-driven repair model yields last-copy recall guarantee: independent of how many other failures that may occur and their sequences, as long as the last copy of a data object still remains in the system, the data can be retrieved and its replication degree fully restored. A proto-type has been implemented. Theoretical analysis, simulations and experiments are conducted to validate the design of BitVault.


Publication typeInproceedings
InstitutionMicrosoft Research
PublisherAssociation for Computing Machinery, Inc.
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